Key Person Policy

Key Person Policy

We believe that it is important to encourage our parents/carers to get involved with their child’s nursery life as much as possible.  We feel we have a good level of communication with all of our parents/carers and the Key Person system enhances this.  The key person system plays a vital part in the Social and Emotional development of the child and giving reassurance and working with parents to build a close relationship.  We feel that it helps the parent/carer to find out or share information in a confidential and sensitive manner. 

A key person is defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 Practice guidance as

“Each child must be assigned a key person.  Their role is to help ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs to help the child become more familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents.”


Our aims

During the induction process at YMCA Beacon Nursery each child is assigned a key person and this member of staff is responsible for the child’s all round development and care whilst at nursery

Wherever possible we will encourage the child to choose their own key person.

The key person system is constantly being revised to ensure that the best practice and the highest standards are being achieved. 

The key person will develop a strong bond with you and your child, allowing you to feel happy and confident when leaving your child at nursery.

The key person will hold a parent’s/carer’s evening each term to inform, share and reflect on the child’s development.




By adopting the key person approach we aim to ensure that:

  • Parents/carers are given a suitable range of information about the running of the setting and have the opportunity to share information about their own children in an appropriate way.
  • Parents/ carers and their children assisted in settling into nursery
  • Parents/ carers and their children feeling safe, secure and respected
  • Effective relationships and communication are built between the nursery and parents/carers
  • Parents/ carers can confidentiality raise any issues, concerns or questions they may have
  • A continuity of care and emotional support is provided by the key person for the children on a daily basis
  • Individual needs of all children are identified and assessed. Suitable steps are then planned to meet these

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the Key person is available for parent/carers to speak to – We remind parents/carers to be mindful of shift patterns that are in place.  In the event of the Key person being unavailable, another member of staff from your child’s group will liaise with you and pass on relevant information also known as child’s secondary key person.


Role of the key person


During induction staff will bond with parents and child and find out as much information as possible to enable child to settle into nursery.   The key person will be responsible to record this information on designated sheets of the “All About Me”. The key person will explain their role within the team and introduce the family to nursery staff and help discuss our policies and procedures, each parent will be signposted to where our policies are kept and given an opportunity to have their own copy.


Once child has begun nursery the key person is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the family is welcomed into the nursery
  • Providing daily verbal and/or written feedback
  • Supporting child’s overall development
  • Recording observations and planning activities to challenge development
  • Discussing development file with parents
  • Working alongside parents and other agencies
  • Will hold parent/carer meetings each term.

 In the event of the key person not being available the child’ back up key person will implement all of the above.


What Parents Say

My children started here at the beginning of the pandemic, the manager and all the team went above and beyond for me and my children more than once. At a time of uncertainty and anxiety, my children were completely unaffected and settled in brilliantly. I was happy with their policies and procedures to keep their setting Covid-secure, and believe they have been excellent in keeping my children safe. I am so happy with the bonds they have made here, my daughter will be sad to leave, she has such an amazing day, every day and that's thanks to the fabulous staff here. Both of my children came on leaps and bounds in the time spent here and I would recommend this nursery to anyone and everyone! We will miss you!

    Christy B


    The nursery is fantastic I really can’t fault it at all. The staff are brilliant and management always help with anything I ring up about. My son has come on so much since being here and my daughter will soon be joining. I couldn’t recommend this nursery enough.

      Alex W


      The staff at the nursery are all excellent within their roles. They are very good at answering any questions relating to my grandchild and any concerns I may have. My grandchild is always happy at nursery and I can check on his progress on the parent app. He is an only child so nursery is helping him with social skills and building his confidence. I know I can telephone the staff with any questions and they will be answered. I am impressed with their website as it shows every member of staff and also the qualifications they have and their expertise within their roles. I would highly recommend this nursery as I am very happy with everyone I have come into contact with. The staff are adhering to all guidelines relating to Covid-19 and everyone entering the building has to wear a face mask.

        Jennifer C


        My four-year-old daughter has just left the nursery for school. She has been here since she was a baby and has loved every minute of being here. She has loved the friendly staff, they have put lots of love and attention into my daughter.

          E I


          My daughter has been coming here since she was eight months old. She is now three and absolutely loves it. It's a fantastic nursery and the staff are fantastic. I would recommend the nursery to anyone. My little boy will be starting when I go back to work also.

            Anna W